Five Holiday Ideas You Can Steal from Disneyland Park

Dec 17, 2018
christmas tree with small ornaments

If you could use inspiration for holiday decorations this year, a visit to Disneyland Park may spark some unique ideas to spruce up your home. There are many themes and artistic displays that will leave you in awe. Replicating these festive designs will help your home stand out on the block.

1. Hang Long Strands of Cascading Garland Lights like the Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle possesses a tantalizing light display that few attractions anywhere can match. The castle is covered by twinkling lights that are built into its temporary toppers while strands of icicle lights are hung by hand. You can do the same at your house, using garland strands with colorful bulbs and hanging them at different heights. Your home will look like an icicle-filled haven.

2. Adding Flocking to Your Trees for a Real Snow Effect

Snow isn’t very common in Southern California. But, you can still create a winter wonderland by adding flocking to your trees to create snow-like effects.

Flocking can be made from natural or synthetic materials such as cotton and polyester. After spraying the tree with water, scoop up some flock and sift it onto the tree. Your tree will look like it’s in the middle of the North East rather than SoCal.

3. Hanging Garlands with Ornaments and Lights

Across Disneyland during holiday time, you’ll notice garlands adorning windows, doors, and open spaces. You can hang your own garlands to decorate your entrance, kitchen, railings, or anywhere in the house where you know people will gather. They create a cozier, more endearing atmosphere for you and yours to celebrate the season.

4. Miniature Christmas Trees in Every Bedroom

Your little ones can place stars on their own trees when you get a mini tree for every bedroom. Bedrooms are often overlooked when it comes to holiday décor, so give yours a little spruce (pun intended) this year, changing rooms from mundane to must-see.

5. Lights, Lights, and More Lights!

Disneyland Park has lights galore. You don’t want to use too many lights and hike up your electricity bill, but the right placement and timing can create the perfect décor for the holidays. Everyone feels a little glow when seeing all those beautiful bulbs shine.

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