Goodwill for All

Jun 19, 2018
Greg Eisenman receiving 2018 goodwill award

Goodwill for All

Did you know the Camelot Inn & Suites has the privilege of employing close to 20 individuals who face different barriers? Through our partnership with Goodwill of Orange County’s community-based program, we hire individuals with mild to moderate disabilities to assist with various hotel duties. Established by Goodwill in 1990, this initiative helps participants polish their job skills and become valued contributors in the workplace.

Preparing Participants for New Ventures

Goodwill of Orange County’s community-based program prepares participants for the demands of the working world. Participants are given every tool necessary to realize potential while transforming their personal outlook on life. Goodwill’s employment, training and education services offer a plethora of options that encourage this transformation, including personal development and grooming, social development, job seeking skills training, and job exploration.

Furthermore, participants are able to learn vocational English in order to become experts in job lingo. Bilingual services and sign language are also offered. For those with learning disabilities, challenges with hearing or speech, and more, this is a great opportunity to gain independence and earn fruitful employment.


In addition to providing opportunities for everyone, the Goodwill program also creates a positive impact on the overall productivity and customer service at the hotel. Workers from the program take pride in their jobs and their positive attitudes foster a collaborative, encouraging atmosphere that both employees and guests enjoy. It is a true privilege to work alongside these lovely people.

Hiring from Goodwill of Orange County ensures our facility has some of the best-trained staff around since Goodwill provides exceptional training that all participants benefit from.

This program is all about establishing community bonding. With over 550 participants taking part in the program, there is always a healthy hiring pool to ensure our property works with fantastic people who are excited to come to work and do a great job.

Daily Tasks

Some of the daily tasks involved for Goodwill participants at Camelot Inn & Suites vary from general cleaning of the properties to laundry facility duty and more. It’s a bustling and exciting industry for anyone to be part of.

Congratulations to Our General Manager, Greg Eisenman

This year, Camelot Inn & Suites general manager, Greg Eisenman, was honored as one of the recipients of Goodwill of Orange County’s 2018 Community Award. This honor comes after Greg has worked tirelessly with the program to ensure that the hotel is an inclusive work environment. For making Goodwill of Orange County his mission and inspiring thousands of people who benefit from Goodwill’s programs and initiatives, we’d like to congratulate Greg on this distinct achievement!

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