Top 5 Tips for Couples at Disneyland

Jul 12, 2018
couples at Disneyland

When most people hear the words “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland immediately comes to mind. It’s a spectacular world where magic and joy occur every day and visitors’ dreams come to life before their eyes. Although Disneyland is incredibly popular for families and children, it is also a wonderful place for couples to enjoy. There is something truly special about experiencing the magic of Disney with the love of your life. Read on to learn our top 5 tips for couples visiting Disneyland.

 As The Sun Sets On Main Street

We recommend beginning your Disney date at sunset. This is the time when families return to their hotels for a break or leave for dinner. As the sky darkens and the moon rises, the lights of the park come alive and make for a romantic setting. Stroll hand in hand down Main Street and be sure to stay until closing for a memorable experience.

Nighttime in N’awlins

Disneyland’s Blue Bayou is the perfect choice for a unique, romantic dinner inspired by the charm of New Orleans. This Cajun-Creole eatery is nestled in the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and forever covered in twilight. You and your significant other will enjoy a delicious meal as frogs sing and crickets chirp. Just be sure to book your dinner reservation well in advance.

The Bare Necessities

As you and your date say farewell to Blue Bayou, the sun has set, and it’s time for a moonlit cruise…in the jungle! The Jungle Cruise is an absolute must under the enchanting glow of the moon. This attraction was one of the first built into the park as Walt Disney himself wanted the foliage to have time to flourish before opening day in July of 1955. With plenty of jungle creatures to see, be warned there are some surprises down the river that might cause your date to jump into your arms. It’s okay though, just tell them the crocodiles aren’t real. 

Fantastic Fireworks

Experience the explosive dazzle of one of the best fireworks shows around. Hold your loved one in your arms as you marvel at Disneyland’s world-famous fireworks. Be sure to book your Disney date on a day that fireworks are scheduled. The show is best viewed from Main Street.

Gondola for Two

Mickey’s Fun Wheel is a throwback to the romantic Ferris Wheel rides of local carnivals, but with a twist. The wheel is aptly adorned with familiar faces like Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald. The unique part belongs to the gondolas. The inner gondolas slide on a track mounted to the spokes of the wheel itself. As you approach the front of the line, we recommend asking for a gondola for just the two of you.

Perhaps in the end, as you drive away from this magical place, the happiest place on earth is wherever you are together. Book your dream date today!

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