For almost 100 years, the Anaheim Fall Festival & Halloween Parade has brought the Anaheim community together to celebrate the season. While this year may look different with events to be held online, don’t miss out on the first ever, “Drive-Thru” Parade on Oct 24th! Stay close to the fall festivities with convenient accommodations at Camelot Inn & Suites.

Anaheim Fall Festival & Halloween Parade

The Anaheim Fall Festival is making history in 2021 for the first Drive-Thru Parade. This is the only part of the festivities that will not be held online. It starts at the Center Str. Promenade on October 24th and runs from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

The festival staff has requested that anyone attending the parade bring canned foods with them to be contributed to the YMCA Food Drive.

The Halloween Parade features floats that, in the past, have been pulled by tractors, a practice that dates back to the event’s beginnings in 1923. However, for 2021, the floats stay in one place, with spectators driving by in their cars to see them. It should be noted that pedestrians will not be allowed to navigate the parade route on foot.

Driving by the parade means you’ll see not only the floats, but also live music and other performances. Afterwards, be sure you take the time to see the entries into the official Home Decorating Contest. You’ll be able to obtain a list of all the addresses of decorated houses, and you can drive by and see them at your own pace.

Event Highlights

This event is known for highlights that include a kids’ costume contest, a doggie & pet costume contest, pumpkin art contest, crafts, art, and musical acts. All of these events will be held on the festival’s website for the duration of October 2021.

Last year’s most popular virtual events included a live variety show. The show pits locals against each other to determine who is the most talented. A similar variety show is expected to be included in this year’s festival.

One of the visual highlights of the event is the Anaheim Halloween Tree. This year the tree will feature 97 jack-o-lanterns, one for every year that the festival has been held. It’s also adorned with 25,000 lights that make it an eye-catching experience you won’t soon forget.

Anaheim Packing District Drive-In

It’s easy to feed the whole family during the Anaheim Fall Festival. Anaheim’s Packing District Drive-In includes local mom-and-pop businesses that will make your food to order and deliver it to you at your car. It’s not unusual for your server to serenade you while serving you the food.

Anaheim Halloween Parade + Disneyland

Disneyland and the Anaheim Halloween Parade go hand-in-hand. In fact, Disney has been assisting with the parade for longer than its Anaheim theme park has been opened.

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