The Disney Festival of Holidays is an event visitors look forward to every year, and for good reason. It’s meant to attract people from all over the world, and this is reflected in the diversity of the food, entertainment, and even decor for this event. 

Holidays Celebrated

In keeping with its theme of diversity, the Festival of Holidays celebrates not only a Disneyland® Christmas, but also Kwanza, Hanukkah, Three Kings’ Day, and Diwali.

The park’s Holiday Toy Drummers provide the music that Mickey and his friends dance to over the course of the festival. To celebrate Hanukkah, make sure to catch a performance by the eclectic band called Mostly Kosher. The band plays everything from rock, to Latin and jazz.

To celebrate Diwali you’ll want to see a performance by the Blue 13 Dance Company. Performances take place during the park’s Bollywood Party.

That isn’t all the musical entertainment included in the festival. It’s also made up of performances by the Mariachi Divas, Phat Cat Swinger, and The Suffragettes.

Three Kings’ Day Celebration

The end of the Festival of Holidays is always marked with the annual Three Kings’ Day Celebration. The celebration is a tribute to the three wise men and remembers their nativity visit. It acknowledges the twelfth day of the Christmas season, also known as the Epiphany. Though in parts of the world like Mexico, and both Central and South America, it is more commonly referred to as E Dia de los Reyes Magos.

Disney Viva Navidad

Disney’s Viva Navidad is a big part of the celebration of this festival. This is where you will see the mariachi band, along with samba dancers from Brazil, and oversized puppets. Combining Mexican and Brazilian customs, this is a fun way to learn how other countries celebrate the winter holidays.

Santa’s Holiday Visit

No celebration of the winter holidays is complete without a visit from Santa. At the Disney Festival of Holidays one of the most widely attended events is Santa’s Holiday Visit at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. Running through Christmas Eve, the trail becomes the site of a playground decorated for the holiday. Themed activities and games are always taking place at this event.

Santa Claus can be seen at the Ahwahnee Camp Circle. After visiting with Santa, you’ll have the chance to walk the challenge trail, looking for hidden holiday toys and decorations.

Festival of Holidays Foods

The Festival of Holidays is a lot like Disney’s Food & Wine Festival. The main difference is the types of cuisine served. In keeping with its commitment to diversity, the Festival of Holidays offers culinary choices popular around the world.

A small sampling of the type of food you can expect to see includes Swedish meatballs, tamales, and sweet food and drinks like gingerbread, eggnog, and even a warm peppermint chocolate float.

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