No one does the holidays quite like Disney®, and we don’t just mean Christmas. The Lunar New Year is coming up, and now is the time to plan a visit. Here’s what to expect during the event.

What is the Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year is a traditional East Asian festival that celebrates the end of winter and the start of spring based on the lunar calendar. Asian cultures take this time to spend with family, honor their ancestors, and give gifts of prosperity.

Each year in the Chinese zodiac corresponds with a specific animal, which is thought to give insight into the personality of people born during that year. Last year celebrated the Year of the Rabbit and this is the Year of the Dragon, so expect to see Mulan’s Mushu play a big role in 2024’s event.

Where Is the Disney® Lunar New Year Celebration Located?

The celebration begins in Paradise Gardens Park, which is located inside the Disney® California Adventure Park on the left side of the resort.

What Guests Can Expect

Here are just a few of the things that guests celebrating the Lunar New Year at Disney® in 2024 can enjoy:

Hurry Home Lunar New Year Celebration

This 6-minute show features pyrotechnics, projections, and thrilling water features that tell a wonderful story about the journey of the Little Lantern who finds his way home to join his Lantern family for the Lunar New Year.

Mulan’s Lunar New Year Parade

Mushu will lead the parade for the Year of the Dragon multiple times a day, where guests can experience a dazzling theatrical display of beloved Disney® characters, dancers, puppets, music and so much more.

Other special highlights include:

  • Sightings of beloved Disney® characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in special Lunar New Year outfits
  • Delicious new menu items at select restaurants inspired by traditional Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese foods
  • The Lucky Wishes Wall in Paradise Gardens where guests can make a special wish underneath the warm glow of oriental lanterns
  • Lunar New Year 2024 commemorative merchandise
  • Family-friendly arts and crafts

Where to Stay

The Disney® Lunar New Year 2024 is shaping up to be a thrilling, family-oriented event that kicks off the new year in style. But with all the fun to be had, you’ll want to make sure you have a great place to rest, relax, and recharge in between the excitement.

Camelot Inn & Suites is conveniently located just across the street from the Disneyland® Resort, making it ultra-convenient to get to and from the Park for the New Year festivities. Book your room online through our website or give us a call at 714-635-7275 today!