Are you planning a Disney® vacation this summer? Check out these insider secrets and hot tips for making the most of your trip!

How To Get The Most Out Of Events & Rides At Disneyland® and Disney® California Adventure Park In The Summer

Due to its popularity, Disney® can have long lines, especially in the summer when park attendance is at its highest. Here are some ways to shorten your wait for events & rides at the Disneyland® Resort in the summer and other tips for a great vacation, like what to pack for Disneyland®, where to stay, and more.

Disney® Lightning Lane

Lightning Lane allows you to skip the line for some of the most highly sought-after attractions, like The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean. You can purchase individual Lightning Lane entrances on the My Disney® Experience mobile app for up to 2 different attractions per person, per day.

Disney® Genie+ Rides

If you want to get through even more lines as fast as possible, you’ll want to upgrade to Disney® Genie+. This service starts at $25 per person, per day and allows you to select Lightning Lane entrances for certain attractions all day long. Just note that you can only select one Lightning Lane entrance at a time.

Other Tips For Planning The Perfect Disneyland® Trip

Here are some more great tips for planning the perfect Disneyland® trip:

  • Plan a full day to visit each different park that you want to go to. Otherwise, you might run out of time to do everything on your list. Camelot Inn & Suites offers an Extended Stay Promotion so you can soak up the summer sun and enjoy all of the Disney® magic without rushing your vacation. 
  • Arrive as early as possible so you are there when the gates open. If you arrive at the park early enough, you can break up your day with some rides in the early morning, then enjoy a mid-afternoon hotel break for a quick nap or a relaxing dip in the pool, and return to the park in the evening refreshed and ready to continue your Disney® adventures. 
  • Make your restaurant reservations well in advance. Sit-down restaurants are popular at the Disney® parks, so you’ll want to make reservations as soon as they become available, usually at 6:00 AM, 60 days prior to your date of travel.

Here are some ideas for what to pack for a Disneyland® summer vacation:

  • Lightweight, breathable clothing
  • Sun hats, visors, and sunscreen
  • A portable phone charger that’s been fully charged
  • A comfortable backpack or tote bag
  • Child safety ID bands
  • A windproof umbrella for if it rains
  • A picnic blanket
  • A quick dry towel
  • An autograph book for the Disney® characters you meet
  • Deodorant or deodorant wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A first aid kit
  • Bug spray
  • Motion sickness relief
  • An umbrella in case it rains

Where To Stay For Your Disney® Summer Vacation

Where you stay during your Anaheim Disney® summer vacation can really make or break your trip. Camelot Inn & Suites offers comfortable and convenient accommodations located within a 5-minute walk to all your favorite Disneyland® attractions. Book your room online or contact us at (714) 635-7275.