If you are planning a trip to the Disneyland® Resort, then you and your family are in for one of the best family-friendly vacations in Southern California. Many families take months to plan the perfect trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, including surprising their loved ones in fun and exciting ways. Have you thought of how you will announce the trip to your children? If you made plans for your visit to Disneyland® Resort and have yet to tell the kids, there are many creative ways to do so. Here are some ideas you can use to announce your Disneyland® trip.

Disney® Surprise

You will want to tell your children within a certain time period, based on how old they are, about your upcoming family vacation to Disneyland®. For young children, we recommend telling them within a few days of arrival. Otherwise the anticipation may be overwhelming. However, if your kids are older, we think telling them a month or more in advance is a great way to boost excitement and build the anticipation.

A Game of Clue

Tell your kids you want to play a game with them about a vacation that is coming up. Give clues each day leading up to your trip to Disneyland® and have them give a guess with each clue. At the end of the game, your children can put all the clues together for one big reveal! You can even hold a scavenger hunt and have your kids look for Disney® inspired gear all over the house to announce your trip.

Sending a Letter

If you’re announcing the trip over the holidays, sending your children a letter from Santa Claus is also a fun way to make Christmas and the trip even more magical. Santa Claus aside, this announcement could also work coming from the Easter Bunny, in their Halloween candy buckets, or as a love letter on Valentine’s Day.

Waiting it Out

Another fun way to announce your vacation to Disneyland® is to wait until you are at the airport or when you arrive in Anaheim. You can tell your kids that you are planning a fun day out and then witness the surprised looks on their faces when you drive into the Park. 

Camelot Inn and Suites

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